Gardens of California ® LLC 
Bridget Guzzi, Owner


About Us

The mission of  Gardens of California is to promote home edible gardening and healthy eating awareness. The company’s product line evolved from the owner’s passion for outdoor horticulture and inability to find functional clothing customized to the needs of home gardeners. The product designer uses the exact same products made available for sale. 

The company brand is intended to express the owner’s passion for outdoor gardening and a promise to provide the highest quality, nature friendly and functionally relevant gardening attire available.  The brand specifically stands for family gardening, healthy eating options, and safe access to outdoor activities in direct sunlight. The products specifically enable individuals to engage in these lifestyle activities.

The company also places significant importance on social responsibility and sustainable manufacturing practices. For instance, the company purposefully uses global standard organic cottons and American made sun protective fabrics to both ensure and emphasize our movement to clean and healthy garden traditions. 
Gardens of California also uses only domestic textile manufacturing resources to avoid potential exploitation of workers in under-regulated, foreign labor markets.

As noted, our products emphasize the highest quality manufacturing processes and materials (with some similarities to luxury goods).

Our children's books are educational and warm at heart. They were written to emphasize fun in the garden at the same time increasing awareness of how important the garden is to personal growth. 

Please contact me with interest and questions at or 925.698.6222.

Bridget Guzzi, Owner, Gardens of California 
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