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Adaptive horticulture follows many of the principles and practices of horticulture therapy. Based in enriching and improving access to and desire of individuals and their engagements with horticulture activities.

Many ask me, "What
exactly is horticulture therapy" and who may benefit from it?
therapy follows principles and practices that engage both special need and non-special
need individuals and groups in various horticulture activities.
It is not a new science, but one that has been in practice from the beginning of time as historically indicated by Roman, Greek and numerous other period cultures.

The benefits from horticulture
therapy are bountiful for both the horticulture therapist and those with whom they work. Connecting hands and minds to the calm and beneficial properties of holistic natural settings, much is to be gained by both ...


Please contact Bridget at 925-698-6222 or for  details on our garden birthday party and our other services and products.

..... Our adaptive horticulture services have been developed based on the intrinsic healing properties of horticulture therapy. As a standing member of The American Horticulture Therapy Association,"I believe strongly that a huge population is ready to be reached with the services I provide". Bridget Guzzi

Services are designed for those with and without special needs. There is much room for everyone when it comes to horticulture.

An overview of benefits includes the strengthening and positive development of self and relations with family and others, a provision of  working in a positive holistic grounding environment, a warm reach to those who may require adaptive assistance while entering the world of horticulture, the placement of someone who
cares with a loved one you may not have access to due to distance, the encouragement and development of physical, spiritual and cognitive abilities and perhaps, of most importance, the educational introduction and healing aspects of gardening and botanical arts.

Please contact Bridget by phone at 925-698-6222 or by e-
mail at  for more information.  

Special Note: Gardens of California ® is not a medical company and does not provide or dispense medical care or prescriptions

During my studies in horticulture therapy, a very hands on rewarding time, I found the special meaning behind all that we can do in a natural setting. There are many I studied under and with that have taken adaptive horticulture to various populations with special needs. I too believe those who do not have special needs will benefit from adaptive horticulture projects. Bridget Guzzi 7/22/2011

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