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TO GERMINATE your seeds.

First check to see if your seeds transplant well. If not, skip this germination process and sow the seeds directly in the ground. If germinating indoors, wet a piece of paper towel. Squeeze out the excess water. Put 3 seeds on the paper towel, fold the paper towel over to cover the seeds and place the paper towel in a recloseable  plastic bag. Make a label of the type of seed and the date and time you started the germination process. Place this label on your bag. Place the bag in a warm area with or without sun depending on the seed requirments. In about 3-6 days a cotyledon will emerge from the seeds.  Carefully transfer the seeds  with the cotyledon side up to a planting mixture. Water lightly, keeping young seeds moist for the first weeks while they grow stronger. Keep this in a warm area until the plants are ready to be transplanted outside. Be very careful with the germinating seeds when transplanting to a soil mixture as they are very tender.  Edible plants are our best friends providing us with health and nurturing. Nurture your plants with the same love you do with your friends.

SPEND time on the web looking for newer and better ways to plant. Stay educated and share all you learn with your friends. If for some reason these seeds don't grow, don't give up, just start a new batch. YOU WILL SUCCEED

Sunflower Lemon Queen
Beautiful lemon-yellow bloom with chocolate centers. This one is very unique; tall plants produce many brilliant blooms.

Planting Instructions

Direct seed in desired position as sunflowers don't transplant well. Plant seed to 1 inch deep, allowing 12 - 18 inches or more between plants. Sow in full sun from 2 -3 weeks before last frost of spring until early summer. Plants require only ordinary soil and mositure, tolerate heat and some drought.

Watermelon Sugar Baby
The #1 ice box - sized melon! Early! 6 - 10 - lb. melons are great for the North and have sweet, deep red flesh.

Planting Instructions

Sow the seed one - half inch deep outoors after frost season is over and soil is warm. Soil should be rich and well ammended with compost or manure. Sow the seeds 12 - inches apart, in rows 6 feet apart. They may be started indoors from seed no more than 2 - 3 weeks prior to setting - out date and never let watermelon seedlings become root bound in a pot. Watermelon is probably ripe when the light patch on the underside has changed to pale yellow, and the tendril immediately opposite the stem from the fruit has withered.

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