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Bridget Guzzi, Owner


Birthday / Celebrations

Home gardening birthday parties are wonderful presents. They offer a party theme that carries over for months and even years. Garden party sessions are available throughout the San Francisco Bay area.

Birthday parties include materials and an hour long planting session. You may select from a herb / vegetable garden,  a succulent garden, or one fruit tree with a decorative pot. The session will take place at your home or setting.

Groups size may be up to six. You may select one large planter and 5 individual small size planters ( party favor) for the herb / vegetable, and  succulent options . If selecting the large fruit tree, 5 additional small flowers or herb planters will be provided for up to 5 guests.

Regardless of your selection, this party will be very appreciated and provide continual fulfillment for a long period of time. Simply make your selection and  don't worry about the age. Gardening birthday parties are great for people in all stages of life. This gift just keeps on giving.


Special occasion gardening parties are also available. Call us to help you celebrate Mother's or Father's Day, a baby shower or graduation.  Any time you would like to celebrate we would like to celebrate with you.





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