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Bridget Guzzi, Owner


Brenda's Mother Day 2011

What I love most about my Mom is how caring and helpful she is of others. It never fails when there is someone in need of help or just in need of a lending ear, she is always there when she is needed. My Mom has always been there for our family. When I need to talk, I can always count on her to stop what she is doing to listen.  This year her 70th Birthday actually falls on Mother's Day!! We are celebrating this special day with our entire family for brunch. I know the best gift for my Mom is to have her entire family all together.

The vegetable I would plant in honor of my Mom is zucchini, because she bakes the best zucchini bread and zucchini cake ever!  Both dishes are sooo delicious, and hope to pass these recipes down to my daughter. Happy Mother's Day Mom, Love Brenda
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