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The WINNER of Your Mama is Brenda


Thank you to all who participated. There are going to be some great edible plants in many homes this year.

A $125.00 Signature Organic Gardening Dress
Designed and Made in California
a Bridget Guzzi production.

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Love you, Brenda 

Congratulations Brenda .. your story is beautiful.

We had many wonderful entry forms. Thank you to all. One person in particluar, whom I am pleased to call a friend, wrote a beautiful heart warming garden / mother story that is too wonderful not to share.

Her name is Iris and her Mother's Garlic story is a wonderful read.

Thank you for participating Iris, and in honor of this beautiful story I will be sending you a gift ... a certified organic cotton twill garden jacket. This is for you my friend, for being the great gardener you have always been, following closely the footprints of your Mother. Your beautiful girls and husband have benefited greatly from your gardening and home cooked flavor. Congratulations Iris and thank you for your continued support of Gardens of California. Best wishes, Bridget (Teri)

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