Gardens of California ® LLC 
Bridget Guzzi, Owner



Consultations for special needs adaptive gardening suggestions / guidelines will be offered by Gardens of California in surrounding East Bay cities. I would like to direct you to the American Horticulture Therapy Association website which will provide you with much of the information that a consultation would provide. Please visit for initial recommendations. If further consultation is desired I will be pleased to meet with you at you residence.

PRICE: 1 Hour Needs Assessment and Recommendations: $80.00 payable upon delivery of recommendations. Healthy and happy gardening is available for most of us, with and without disabilities. Please contact Bridget at 925-698-6222 with questions.

Garden Referral Service. We will recommend and refer standing professional companies to help with your garden and arboriculture needs. Please inquire at 925-698-6222. You may want to start an edible garden but have been putting it off due to time limitations. These professionals will get the work done for you and maintain the garden if desired. A real signature touch to your home garden projects.
If you are a individual or company that would like to be placed on this website to help families and communites build and maintain their edible gardens, please submit a letter of interest to  ALL State and local licensures are required for consideration.
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