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FOCUS GROUP 2012 - 2013

Welcome to this focus group and thank you for coming on board. My name is Bridget Guzzi. I am the owner of Gardens of California ®LLC. The primary mission of Gardens of California is to promote at home edible organic gardening as a source of wellness. The grounding cards you will be reviewing have been designed to reach this end.  I have a strong belief that this product will lead to many happy and healthy days for those who incorporate them into their lives. Please follow the overviews below and contact me with any questions you may have relative to your participation at or 925-698-6222.

PART 1 Overview

Time:  Start Date: Fall 2012 End Date: Summer 2013.

Group Purpose: To evaluate Gardens of California grounding cards.

Number of Participants for Group: 15 to 20. (Each group and family counts as one participant).

Participant Profile: Any family, couple or single individual that is starting or maintaining a home garden.

Participation Overview:  Each participant and, or, group or family will receive a free set of the grounding cards and a diary. Also, one member of each group or family or an individual participant may select one of our products for free at the end of the group session. A group or family counts as one for this offer and products are subject to availability. Full participation is required for this additional gift. Full participation is 6 months of interacting with the cards and 6 months of reporting.

Meaning behind the grounding cards:

These cards were designed to bring and to keep as many of us as possible in health and wellness by and through home organic edible gardening! The premise is that one may gain self-awareness about a particular behavioral issue that may be adverse to their well-being or the group or family’s well- being.  The objective is to become self-aware by growing in a natural holistic garden setting.

One may need to heal from a sorrowful event or learn to stop a behavior that is likely to cause problems for themselves or others. By using the cards and completing a garden task they may grow into their own understanding of why any 1 particular behavior is causing dissention among the ranks or even harm to themselves. Contrary to a “how to” book, the cards allow we, ourselves, to every degree possible, to do our own “thinking” by first reaching inside of ourselves for answers.

For Example: I am gaining weight and my partner sees this (I myself am prone to gaining weight if I get under too much stress).  He hands me the card that reads “gaining too much weight”. The card works like an intervention, one that points to the fact that I may be growing into potential diabetes or obesity  or even the fact that I may be diving into our already fragile bank account to buy the next size clothing which I truly cannot afford to do right now.

I take the card as I have agreed to the terms of the grounding cards and head outside to do some weeding. While weeding, I feel the bulge at my stomach, the extra pull on my back muscles from my stomach when bending over and realize that he was right. Now faced with a truth I may have wanted to avoid, it is up to me to decide what to do about it. Planting some home grown veggies would be a good way to start. Reducing my work load and reading in the garden or taking a walk in nature may be an additional good idea.

What would receiving this card do for me? How would it help me? Has it brought attention to a potential unhealthy aspect of my life and afforded me the opportunity to take the time to think about it and if appropriate, correct it? When we have the opportunity to look through our own lenses first, we then have a good footing.

Even kinder, is the quiet solitude I would find myself in while working on my own issues. Micro-management, especially in relationships can and often does cause huge rifts. With these cards I can manage, to every degree possible, my own issues. Conversations after completion of a garden task are then manageable and fluent. Remaining in control of one’s own destiny and taking this accountability will be appreciated by all of those we share our lives with. In other words you are willing to clean up your own act! Do your own thing!

As captains of our own ships, the cards are simply a compass that will direct us to our own safe harbor. These cards do not replace a formal therapy and do not constitute a medical practice. They are a wonderful choice for growing into your own health and wellness and compliment and supplement existing traditional healing practices.

Participation Guidelines:

Upon receipt of the cards, please open the cards and review each of them. Here is where you can start to have some fun! You will probably want to hand one or two out already and if this is the case, “go for it.” The next step it to agree the cards may be given and received by one another.

Once the cards have been reviewed place them in a common area in the home or business or cooperative setting.

Follow the steps:

  1. When a behavior occurs that reflects one of the cards, give the card to the individual who is depicting that behavior.  If it is you, hand it to yourself.
  2. Select a garden task that is most relevant to the health of your garden at the time and complete the task.
  3. Document the behavior and the garden task that you completed in your diary and compile a short narrative about the event.  For example, you were feeling down and headed for the junk food but got further down thinking of the health consequences so you avoided both issues by going to the garden.
  4. At month end, complete the questionnaire that will be emailed to you and record your activity. You may highlight each of your answers in a special color while completing the questionnaire. For Example: Yes No Maybe and send the form back to Please use the summary from your diary to help you with your answers.

Special Note: If you cannot get into the garden on any particular day you may want to work on indoor plants or an indoor healthy food project like canning or freezing your fresh organic produce. At the end of the focus group, each participant will receive a summary. Names will be withheld.

Questionnaires will be provided at month end. Please contact me at 925-698-6222 or  for complete program details. This will be a measured focus group so participation is ideal for the success of it. Thanks much, Bridget










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