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 Lets Talk Food, Water, Planet and Us Category!

The documentaries, largely food and think,  have validated every extra moment I have taken to grown, preserve and care for my own edibles. 

Many of us have family members who have special needs be it Alzheimers, autism, depression, obesity, or any particular hardship.  Please invite these folks to watch the presentations with you. Together, hand and hand, we make big differences.

Please share your recommended documentaries / movies and reviews of the ones I have listed on this site by sending an email to  All listed movies / documentaries are avavilable through Netflix or your PBS stations. You may access the Alzheimers link diectly from this page.  

Also, please note, all selections are made based on content interest, not  political interest or statement and are not rated but reviewed.

Adaptive Horticulture Documentaries / Presentations

Autism The Musical a social and cultural presentation.
Bridget's Review:
Takes autism out of the closet one day at a time

The Horse Boy
 A Shamanic intervention for a young boy with autism.
Bridget's Review:
T he brilliance in this was very moving.

made in 2009 with the help of the First Lady of California

Bridget's ReviewThank you for this incredible learning tool, one stop viewing for a complete overview of what we are dealing with and who the leaders are, thank you to the First Lady of California for this and so much other heart felt work

A Place of Our Own special needs presentation.
Bridget's Review:
I am never less than fascinated with horticulture therapy and how adaptive gardening may so easily lend to all our special needs groups.

The Real Dirt on Farmer John
Bridget's Review: Success in the making, never knowing until the end, that you have arrived.

Life Running Out of Control
Bridget's review:
A 2004 compilation. Very important as it crosses all major life "threatening" issues.


Bridget's Review:  Enjoy viewing
each of these very well made documentaries. So much learning, all sewn up under each of these umbrellas. Some full movies, some trailers! These movies span the 10 + last years. The story never grows old!

Fed Up,
Flow: For the Love of Water,

We Feed the World, 

King Corn,

Fast Food Nation, 

Bad Seed, the truth about our Food,

The Future of Food,

Food, Inc,

Killer at Large, Why Obesity,


Our Daily Bread,


The World According to MONSANTO


Fun Garden / Nature Movies

These may be found through your personal movie source.

The Secret Garden
based on a children's story.
Bridget's Review:
Touching and deep, as is the trueness of gardens.

Green Fingers
Bridget's Review:
I had a ball watching this.  I really get this!

Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs
Bridget's Review:
Wow, we had better consider well what we grow and what we eat! Great fun and excellent film making.

The Butterfly
Bridget's Review: 
A family - friend film, based around butterflies and friendships.


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