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Garden Vacation 1950

Your Gardening Vacation

LIVING For Young Homeowners Magazine

May 1950

One of the best forms of exercise is gardening. It's just what the health gym's order for the figure ... for the gentlemen gardener's figure, as well as the lady's. Working among your flowers and vegetables entails deep knee bending, stretching, pulling, and squatting, all of which help slim the hips, flatten the stomach, and improve the posture. Gardening is not as violent as tennis, nor as expensive as golf, but it's no sissy game either.

It gets you out in the open, gives you something absorbing to do while acquiring or preserving that sun tan.  When you wield a grass whip you exercise the same muscles that are used in whacking a golf ball. Husbands please note: grass whipping weeds your golf stroke. Hoeing, raking, kneeling to churn up the good earth with a trowel, mowing the lawn, or clipping the hedges will pep up your circulation, bring the honest sweat to your brow, make you feel newly alive .. and there are no caddy, or court fees to fork over at the end of the morning's fun. Besides, the results of your time and trouble are there to be seen and enjoyed for weeks to come. Many of us are apologetic about our grounds, and our readiest excuse is, "We really don't have time to tidy up the place." What's wrong with vacation time and summer weekends?" Give your plot a thorough examination and draw up a plan for improvements. A few hours work a day -- especially if Mr. and Mrs. work together Saturdays and for part of his two weeks with pay time --can accomplish lasting wonders. If you've always wanted a flower border close to the house, now's the time to organize it.  You would love to have a rose garden? While you are on vacation you can make ready the rose bed, then next fall you can plant your favorite varities --- and there you are a rose cultivator.

Have you been intending to put a fence around your property? Give an afternoon fencing party (order the materials and rails) get everyone to help, and round off the afternoon's achievement with plenty of cold beer and sandwiches. Now is the time to build an outdoor grill, to order and put up some decorative trellises -- if you're quick about it you still have time to plant fast growing vines which will trail over them before summer is done. How about your grape arbor? Does it need mending? How about the path to your house? Does the grass need clipping around the edges? Now, at last, you have the leisure to appraise your property critically in full sunlight, and to plan future projects. A change from your routine is the essences of a vacation. If you are spending your vacation at home, work in the garden will be quite different from your usual sedentary indoor life.

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