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      Articles / Documentaries

Please take some time to enjoy some of our vintage articles. They are soft, fun and inspirational stories. When we think of horticulture as it exists today and look back at how it existed in the past, we may better see the relationship between what has been lost and what has been gained.

Getting back to natural gardening practices, now often referred to as organic / green or edible gardening, is truly a worthy pursuit.  Growing our own vegetables and fruits along with our favorite flowers is now one of America's favorite pastimes. Click on the articles below for a step back in time.

Bouquets / Flowers from 1933 

Back To Earth  from 1946 

Francis Coulter / On Gardening from 1943 

Garden Vacation from 1950 

Pattern of Life
  from 1948 

Suggestion  from 1949 

Sweet Potato 1897

The Blue Garlic Story by Iris 2011

Brenda's Mother Day 2011


As we continue to lead by example in our own small gardens we share respect, nurturing and a very gentle path to a sustainable future. Without this message, all would be for not. We must care today for every tomorrow. Best wishes that you will find your way to caring for each other and planet earth and happy healthy gardening to all. Bridget Guzzi March 31, 2011, December 2011
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