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Do you want to curb your appetite or smoke a little less! How about trying to grow a fennel plant indoors so you can snack on the seeds instead of a calorie filled nutritionless snack or a cigarette? Not only are these seeds the world's natural after dinner digestive they too can be enjoyed throughout the day.

AS we nurture ourselves into better health we can create a lot of our own health right in our homes. It is time to experiment and grow some fun and exciting health not only outside by inside as well. For those of you who may have tall house plants, consider replacing them with an edible beneficial food source.

Creative eidble gardeners look not only for food but seed. Fennel Seeds not only for planting but consuming is a good place to start. Many who cannot grow foods in winter months overlook that this may be done in their home in pots / planters.

I have the good fortune of growing out of doors, but just couldn't pass this thought up. Although I do not grow fennel indoors isn't the thought of this becoming the next best indoor plant exciting? Beautiful feather light foilage and distinct aroma (this would be beautiful with a special light that would spray the foilage image across the room and ceiling).

Your local organic nursery / seed shop should have all the special instructions you need to help you get started. Also get on line and read up on how much you should injest on a daily basis. This can be your next best fun and healthy project.  I  harvest my seeds throughout the year, as a matter of fact I am munching on some right now.

Fit this plant in with your indoor herb gardens. Why not give it a try? Let me know if it works for you and spread and share the word.  It will be a natural beauty. Good luck and happy gardening. I do hope you like this idea by Gardens of California.

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