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Heart of the Garden

The Heart of the Home Edible Garden Family


Since I started Gardens of California in 2009 I have come to meet fellow gardeners in person and through various social media formats.

Some sell seeds, some sell bulbs and flowers, some like to write how to articles and others just simply flow quietly along their garden path.  Each, enjoy their gardening passion in their own unique way. Although differences of opinion may arise about how to grow this or that, one common theme is apparent. Where their garden grows so too does their heart.

Mingling primarily with adults, I have come to notice only a small percentage of gardeners invite their children to participate in garden activities. This leads me to wonder why something so magnificent is not being shared with our children.

Our children, not unlike us, have a desperate need for balance and wellness. Noticeably, more children are engaged in activities away from the home than at the home. Be it soccer, music, or baseball, most if not all of these activities are done with non-family members.

At the same time, we see an incredible number of issues like childhood obesity, diabetes, behavioral issues and even suicides among our children. Given this, have we not missed out on a golden opportunity to bring wellness to our children through the home edible garden? Should we not give our children the same opportunity for good health, habit and happiness as we as adults enjoy in our gardens?

Please consider the immense opportunity of the home edible garden, not only in the richest tomato, but in the hearts of the tiniest of hands that will bring them to fruit.

Garden at home with your children for their healthier tomorrow.

Warm regards,


Gardens of California

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