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Home health gardening is a broader concept than the traditional gardening concept we often defer to. There are few who can argue the biggest juiciest tomato is usually the winner, but there is much more to home gardening than the great nutrition that tomato will provide once consumed.
As a strong proponent of horticulture therapy, Gardens of California recognizes substantial intangible rewards that are often overlooked or neglected when designing and working in a garden. The garden provides a nurturing safe environment in which we may think and heal, and strengthen our bodies and minds.
Families, couples and individuals may use the garden to build their own family tree on which they print their life story. I see my garden as a canvas that tells my daily story that develops, as I have developed, over the years. Together or alone, the garden is a hospice of nurturing and growth.

The Heart of the Home Edible Garden Family

Some reasons to consider a home edible garden include spending your water dollars on the food you grow at home. A very healthy return! 
Attaining physical fitness and body strength. 
Feeling fresh and healthy while working in one of natures wonderful settings.
Feeding on high energy fibrous carbohydrates, loosing weight and energizing your body.
Saving dollars and increasing health in the near term. 
No longer worrying where your fruits and vegetables came from or if they are safe.
Freezing, canning and storing your yields.
NOT wasting food.
Sharing and supporting a neighbor or friend with fresh food for their table. 


SWEET POTATOES JUNE 1897 The Mayflower Magazine

If you just do not have the space for a back yard garden, there are other options. Patio .. deck .. in the house replacing non-edible plants, and even vertical gardening. If you have exhausted all possibilities why not visit your City listings for community gardens!

Starting a home health garden does not have to be overwhelming nor does it have to be more than you can afford. There is a good starting place for everyone.

Gardening has so much to offer. The costs associated with a home health garden vary but soon you will see that once dividing the initial cost by any one of the numerous benefits, you will come up with a figure that is pennies on the dollar.
There will be many happy returns.
Bridget Guzzi 

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