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Over-winter Tomatoes

Enjoy tomatoes year round. You can successfully over-winter tomato plants indoors.

Here are some simple tips.

Cut the tomato plant back to the new growth and place the trimmings in your compost pile.

(The photos above show 2 plants that were cut back three weeks ago and have already started to re-grow and flower).

Remove the plants from the ground and re-plant into a pot of organic soil that you can move indoors. When digging out the plant you will notice the roots are quite small in comparison to the plant. Be careful with the roots as this is a transitionary period. Be sure to have an appropriate catch dish so you will not stain or soil the floor or carpet. If you wish you may place a rubber mat under the dish for backup.

Place the tomato plant in a sunny area indoors. If you do not have a sunny area consider a floodlight or your preferred source of artificial light. Water as needed with tepid water and feed as you would outdoors.

You may bring the plant outside on sunny warm days and back in before the evening cools.

When spring arrives and the temperatures average 70 degrees F you can re-plant into the ground out of doors.

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