Gardens of California ® LLC 
Bridget Guzzi, Owner


Senior / Retirement

A significant arm of horticulture therapy is visiting with seniors, many whom could tell us a thing or two about gardening. Many seniors do continue to undertake garden hobbies on their own, but for others whose cognitive; often alzheimers, and physical limitations wane, so too does their ability to work with horticulture projects.

Gardens of California recognizes those who have limited access to horticulture and has designed an adaptive horticulture service that is now available for senior housing, including, assisted living, nursing homes and convalescent care centers. The sessions mark the difference between sending flowers or a gift and that of a welcoming hour in which I will visit the nursing site and take part in the activity with the individual as they arrange flowers, design a  herb garden basket and / or learn about a plant and guide / care book. Below, please see this handsome gentleman, Francis Guzzi, my father, who sends me daily "fortunas" to keep Gardens of California fresh and prosperous. Thank you Dad.


I am available to meet at the numerous nursing homes throughout our East Bay Communities. Special requests may be made for the city of San Francisco and San Diego and honored when possible. 

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