Gardens of California ® LLC 
Bridget Guzzi, Owner



Gardens of California is now offering special needs group sessions. Sessions will be conducted on the group site and will be offered throughout our East Bay communities. Special requests for the City of San Francisco will be honored when possible.

Many special populations derive enriching and substantial benefits from ongoing sessions. Weekly or bi-monthly sessions are suggested. Each session will be for one hour and all materials are provided. Session projects will vary with the needs, interests and abilities of the group and build on one another to keep the participants interested and engaged.




 Programs for all special needs groups require an initial on site consultation. Please allow me the opportunity to meet with you and discuss how my program will bring additional and continued wellness to your group. I am acquainted with and respectful of established protocols that must exist in special needs environments and will work with you to build a program that best meets the needs of your population.

Sessions may be on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis. Individuals may be rotated in and out of groups as needed. When calling for pricing please note that every 5th consecutive session will be free to thank you for your patronage.

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